Taking Stock: Year’s End.


Making : Plans for New Years Eve.
Cooking : Nothing. I’m baked out from the holiday season.
Reading: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Wanting: More time in the day.
Wasting: Time playing Candy Crush…I resent that game.
Wishing: I could stick to a writing schedule.
Enjoying: The break.
Waiting: Next Monday, my first day at my new job at STA Travel.
Wondering: What my first day at STA Travel will be like.
Loving: My adorable cat.
Hoping: That gas prices stay below $2.
Marveling: In the kindness of my Mother.
Needing: An oil change.
Smelling: Every holiday Bath & Body Works candle in my house.
Wearing: Anything comfy.
Following: Everything Girls.
Binge Watching: Entourage. I would have never thought I’d enjoy the show but I can’t get enough. I’m a sucker for raunchy comedy.
Knowing: My ability to thrive.
Feeling: Actualized.
Bookmarking: Cookie recipes.
Opening: Apps on my new iPad.


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