10 Tips For Taking Better Travel Photos For Instagram


1) Focus Unexpectedly

I can’t stress enough to focus your photo properly. All you have to do is tap the screen to focus on a certain spot. But to add personality to a photo, don’t focus in the conventional manner. Try taking photos where the landmark is unfocused in the background. The results may surprise you.

Beauty before Cashel. #rockofcashel

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2) Natural Light

Make natural light your best friend. Somehow we can make 3D printed food but no one has perfected the iPhone flash. Using a flash will usually flatten your photo & also add a strange yellow tone to every item in the photo. When using natural light, you get more depth & a more authentic view of your subject. Natural light is fantastic, don’t sell it short.

Sun rising. #boston

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3) Center The Shot

For some reason, viewers are attracted to centered photos. With the square template, perfectly centered shots are very visually pleasing.

Exploring in Rome. #travel #rome #travelphotography #italy #piazzadelpopolo

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4) Don’t Capture The Shot Using The Instagram App

There are two things wrong with taking photos with the Instagram App. There is lower resolution & a difficulty focusing. When taking a photo through the app your options tend to be limited. When using your phone’s camera app you have an opportunity to take multiple photos in a row & to then crop the photo to make the right composition. Control is key.

Christmas upon Christmas. #newyork #rockefellercenter

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5) Create A Tone With Your Library Of Photos

People love consistency. They like to know what they are getting themselves into & what to expect. Will you go with a simple & clean look? Or maybe you enjoy photos full of vibrant colors & excitement. Create consistency throughout your library by editing your photos to bring out the key characteristics that make your Instagram account unique.

Serendipity. #centralpark

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6) Say No To Filters

Just say no. I used to use the Lo-Fi filter religiously. Once the Instagram app released an update, we were given more control by giving more editing options. Filters can sometimes take away from the personality of your photos & make them look ordinary. Keep your photos unique & with personality that cannot be provided by a filter that 90% of the Instagram community uses.

A steeples spire. #boston #bostondotcom

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7) Layer The Shot

Use angles to add intrigue to the shot. You can capture the excitement of a city by filling up a photo with as much of the city as you can. First, try & find a street or a long body of water. Get as straight on to the path as you can & take the photo. This way, you capture the buildings, cars, excitement on the street, & whatever else represents the city.

8) Balance

Balance means to “offset or compare the value of (one thing) with another” or “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” In life balance is important right? So, why not make sure that there is balance in your travel photos. To have balance doesn’t necessarily mean to have identical objects on either side but to have some element of symmetry. Consciously edit your photos to center a photo & have equal parts weight or to have negative space on one side with a large object on the other.

Balance. #cesenatico

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9) Take Advantage Of A Rainy Day

When working with saturation & contrast, a rainy day can help create a beautiful shot. The clouds will help add depth to the photo that, on a sunny day, would’ve come across flat.

The town of Cashel. #travel #cashel #ireland #roadtrip

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10) Look Up & Look Behind

I find that the best photos comes from unexpected views & situations. When i was recently on a tour of Lower Antelope Canyon I found that most people were looking in front of them. They were taking pictures of the obvious. If they had looked behind them they would’ve found the best angles & the most beautiful views. Try to look up & around. When dealing with buildings, photos where the buildings meet the sky are usually the most interesting. This will lead to unique photos that draw in a following.

Cityscape. #newyork

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