Taking Stock: New York Edition.


Making : Plans for my day tomorrow.
Cooking : Nothing. I’m eating amazing pizza.
Drinking : Dr. Pepper.
Reading: If/Then Playbill.
Wanting: To enjoy the moment.
Wasting: Money on Broadway tickets.
Wishing: For lots of money so i can move back to New York immediately.
Enjoying: Life.
Waiting: For Thanksgiving.
Wondering: How crowded it’ll be on Thursday during the parade.
Loving: Everything.
Hoping: To get the police dispatcher job that i’m interviewing for… Hello to saving lots of money!
Marveling: In how unaware people are.
Needing: Nothing. I’m incredibly happy here in the moment.
Smelling: One of my favorite smells in the world. The scent of Manhattan. Sort of a mix of hot dog carts, trash, & nearby rivers.
Wearing: … Not a jacket because it’s weirdly muggy here in the city.
Following: TKTS Live Ticket boards.
Noticing: That I probably got my “quick walk” from when i interned in New York for a bit. These people walk fast.
Knowing: I need to light a fire of inspiration under my ass.
Feeling: Free.
Bookmarking: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade articles.
Opening: My eyes.


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