Taking Stock: October.

takingstockMaking : Travel plans.
Cooking : Cookies Barbecue Chicken.
Drinking : Cherry Diet Pepsi
Reading: The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan
Wanting: A larger amount in  my savings account.
Wasting: Talent.
Wishing: For cold weather.
Enjoying: The day off.
Waiting: For November.
Wondering: Who’s going to survive this season of The Walking Dead.
Loving: Parks & Rec.
Hoping: To get the police dispatcher job that i’m interviewing for… Hello to saving lots of money!
Marveling: In how unaware people are.
Needing: Sleep.
Smelling: Pumpkin candles.
Wearing: A Spirit Halloween apron.
Following: Walking Dead news.
Noticing: That teenagers have no idea how to earn money.
Knowing: This job will be over soon!
Feeling: Responsible.
Bookmarking: Cookie recipes.
Opening: Too many Text messages from work.


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