10 Funniest Road Trip Films


1) EuroTrip


Absinthe, Matt Damon, & a bus full of angry soccer fans… What more could you want?

2) Road Trip


With a group of friends taking a 1800 mile road trip to get a sex tape that was accidentally mailed to a girl friend, your bound for some twists & turns.

3) Dirty Girl


Ok maybe its not necessarily all road trip themed but Dirty Girl has the perfect mix of raunchy & heartfelt.

4) Hit & Run


Sacrificing your Witness Protection Plan identity to help your real life girlfriend to get to LA will win your heart. Also, Bradley Cooper stars as a very angry gang leader which is surprisingly hilarious.

5) We’re The Millers.


Fake family smuggling drugs = raunchy comedy that will make you laugh your ass off.

6) RV


A truly dysfunctional family all shoved into an RV have to deal with a crazy group of campers.

7) To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything!

to wong foo gif

Patrick Swazye, Wesley Snipes, & John Leguizamo in drag, driving cross country to be apart of a drag competition. Yes, this film exists. 

8) Overnight Delivery


You have probably never heard of this movie, but i promise you that it will soon become one of your favorite Reese Witherspoon films.

9) Little Miss Sunshine


This enduring comedy will make you appreciate your family in a whole new way.

10) Due Date

due date gif


A douchebag & a dummy driving cross country to see the birth of Robert Downy Jr.’s son. It’ll be hard to find someone to root for in this movie. 


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