Taking Stock: September


Making : Cookie Brownies
Cooking : Nothing. Boston Market for dinner.
Drinking : Cherry Diet Pepsi
Reading: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
Wanting: It to be Christmas-time.
Wasting: Time.
Wishing: For rain.
Enjoying: The day off.
Waiting: For this heat to dissipate. Phoenix is currently ridiculously hot.
Wondering: Why there aren’t better movies coming out.
Loving: Reading. Who would have thought.
Hoping: To get the job that I’ve been interviewing for.
Marveling: In my abilities.
Needing: New clothes.
Smelling: A Pumpkin cupcake wallflower.
Wearing: A Guinness t-shirt.
Following: Interior Design Instagramers.
Noticing: That Starbucks employers have been quite rude lately.
Knowing: Way too many song lyrics.
Feeling: Optimistic.
Bookmarking: Clothing & design hacks.
Opening: Boxes.
Feeling: Grown up.


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