August: Taking Stock.


Making : A to-do list.
Cooking : Tacos with leftover Boston Market turkey.
Drinking : Cherry Diet Pepsi.
Reading: Lonely Planet Guide to Bali & Lombok.
Wanting: Thursday to get here quicker.
Looking: For a job.
Playing: Quizup.
Deciding: Where to donate old clothes & knickknacks.
Wishing: Christmastime was here.
Enjoying: 90’s movies. Hello First Wives Club.
Waiting: To move on Wednesday!
Liking: Plastic tubs for storage. I know… weird… but they are life savers.
Wondering: How rare is the Super Moon?
Loving: My adorable cat.
Pondering: How i will decorate the new townhouse for Christmas!
Considering: Buying a new bed frame.
Watching: Brickleberry.
Hoping: My cat Angel feels better.
Marveling: In my ability to stay positive.
Needing: For my listings to sell on Craigslist.
Smelling: Strawberry candles.
Wearing: Twisted Sister tour t-shirt.
Following: Too many celebrities on Instagram.
Noticing: That cartoons made for grownups are hilarious.
Knowing: Way too many pop culture facts.
Thinking: Something life-changing is about to happen.
Feeling: Excited 
Admiring: My mom for getting an awesome new job.
Sorting: New apartment amenities. Cable, internet, electric, etc…
Buying: Take out food.
Getting: A new lease.
Bookmarking: Buzzfeed recipes. 
Disliking: Poor customer service.
Opening: Draws to pack everything up.
Giggling: When my mother & I speak like we’re from South Carolina.
Feeling: Hopeful.

Check out July Taking Stock.

Thank you Meet Me at Mikes for creating such an easy way to share whats going on in my life with readers.


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