Arizona’s Top 10


It’s now time to explore my own back yard.

1) The Shady Dell 

shady dell

Wanting to talk a walk into the squeaky clean past? The Shady Dell is the perfect place to stay if your’e looking for some 50’s nostalgia. Created in 1927, the Shady Dell was an oasis for travelers needing to take a snooze will driving on Highway 80. Now, after a large revamp, it is home to 10 trailers that you can rent out for a night or a week. Everything from a 1947 Tiki Bus to a 1949 Airstream, this place will send you back in time with black & white tv’s, & 78rpm records.

2) Flintstones Bedrock City


Located in Williams, Arizona, this beaten up road side attraction is not to be missed. Inspired by the 1960’s iconic cartoon, Flintstones Bedrock City is a quirky gem in a sea of desert. While walking through Bedrock City, you’ll be transported to the moderned stone age families home town. You’ll see a general store, post office, jail, beauty parlor, & prehistoric-like stone houses. This little town may be dusty but it’s worth the pit stop.

3) Lava River Cave


Ever wondered what it was like to live “The Descent”. Well, the Lave River Cave isn’t that dramatic & horrifying but it’s a great way to explore this hollow space. Formed between 650,000 & 700,000 years ago, commonly referred to as the “Government Cave”, this cave came to be due to molten lava creating a vent deep beneath the ground. Open to the public, remember to bring at least 3 forms of light, dress warm, & wear hiking boots when exploring this hidden treasure.

4) Wigwam Motel


Want to sleep in a teepee, the Holbrook located motel is for you. Constructed between 1936 & the 1950’s, the grounds are home to 15 concrete teepees that have all of your normal motel amenities. Now apart of the National Register of Historic Places, the Wigwam Motel is an iconic establishment that every Route 66 traveler should take advantage of.

5) Sedona


A town built in the rocks, Sedona is a picture perfect escape from the daily grind. Filled with crystal shops & surrounded by red sandstone formations, Sedona a has a slew of to-do’s. You can drive up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, or take a Pink Jeep Tour for an off-road adventure around red rock country.

6) Baseball game at Diamondback Stadium


Since the 2001 World Series win, the Diamondback have always held a special place in my heart. A foolproof way to have a good time, a baseball game at Diamondback Stadium will satisfy any cracker jack eating kid or bear drinking adult. Don’t forget, while yelling “batter batter” you can also chomp on some of the classiest stadium hotdogs you can get your hands on.

7) Grand Canyon


A given for any Arizona sights list, the Grand Canyon is a must for anyone with a wanders soul. There is more to the Grand Canyon than just the top layer though. River rafting, mule rides, & canyon camping or just a few things you can do while visiting this world wonder.

8) Ski Lift at Snowbowl


Have a GoPro that you’d like to us to get a bird’s eye view or needing to concur your fear of heights? Located right outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, Snowbowl Ski Lift will rise you all the way up to 11,500 feet. You’ll have views of the Sedona red rocks, walls of the Grand Canyon, & enough forest to satisfy your woodsy dreams. Only $15 per visitor, this attraction will help you overcome any fear you think you have while giving you an astonishing view of what Arizona landscapes have to offer.

9) Antelope Canyon


In Northern Arizona lies a photographers dream. A slopped canyon near Page, Antelope Canyon is a natural wonder that you have to see to believe. Metal stairways bring you down to a canyon full of spiral rock arches that, when hit with the perfect sunlight, create beautiful rays of light that reflect off of the canyon walls. Ideally visited between 10 & 12 noon due to sun location, don’t forget to get a permit & set up a tour to visit the canyon a few days before you plan on visiting.

10) Phoenix Comicon


Quickly becoming one of the biggest Comicon’s in the world, Phoenix Comicon is perfect for any pop culture lover. Active since 2002, this larger than live multi genre convention is quickly growing. Drawing in more & more fans & celebrity guests each year, the cosplay displayed at this 3 day event alone is worth the visit. You have to love seeing a 8 foot tall Chewbacca cosplay…right?

What are your favorite Arizona sights & events?


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