That’s right. Change is coming to SomedayTraveller. Starting tomorrow, Monday, I’ll be posting a blog every weekday. Monday through Friday. Each day will have a theme that will help you guys know what to expect that day of the week. These may change over time but this is what I’m starting with.

Monday: Me-Monday

∴ Posts about my favorite things, taking stock, or updated travel   bucket list.

Tuesday: Still trying to come up with an idea for this day. Hint…hint… Let me know if you have the perfect Thursday theme!!!

Wednesday: Destination Wednesday.

∴ Spotlighting a destination. How to get there, best hotels, off the beaten path attractions, etc.

Thursday: Top 10 Thursday

        ∴ A top 10 list involving elements of travel. Ex. “Top 10 beach destinations” or “Perfecting your road trip with 10 items”.

Friday: Insta Friday

∴ Most popular Instagram post of the week.

I’m also needing your help! Do you have a theme idea for a day of the week that keeps with the overall theme of travel? I can’t wait for this new format to begin & I can’t wait to get your feedback!


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