Time to Take Stock


Making : California travel plans
Cooking : Peanut Chicken
Drinking : Cherry Diet Pepsi
Reading: Best of San Diego Comic Con lists.
Wanting: A high paying job.
Looking: For a new apartment.
Playing: Black Widow by Iggy Azalea. 
Deciding: Where to go next.
Wishing: To partner with a few hotels for my California trip!
Enjoying: Flagstaff weather (much cooler than the Phoenix heat0.
Waiting: For companies to reply to my job applications.
Liking: How hot Chris Evans is in Whats Your Number.
Wondering: How Nomadic Matt does it all.
Loving: My adorable cat.
Pondering: The future.
Considering: Selling most of my belongings.
Watching: Sex & the City re-runs.
Hoping: My cat Angel feels better.
Marveling: In how beautiful the world can be.
Needing: My mom to make my favorite meal… meatloaf. 
Smelling: Pine aroma brought on by flagstaff rain.
Wearing: A Mapleton Rams t-shirt.
Following: My gut instincts.
Noticing: How relatable “Friends” is.
Knowing: Everything will work out.
Thinking: About how to make everything work out.
Feeling: Driven by my dreams.
Admiring: People who follow their dreams.
Sorting: Through my belongings. Purging things i don’t need anymore.
Buying: Nothing. All about saving that money!
Getting: All of my ducks in a row.
Bookmarking: Money saving tips for travel articles.
Disliking: Stupid people.
Opening: Cans of cat food.
Giggling: With my mother about how seriously we discuss our favorite tv shows.
Feeling: Wanderlust.

Thank you Meet Me at Mikes for creating such an easy way to share whats going on in my life with readers. 


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