Ireland Road Trip: Day 3


  The most daunting of the days was upon us. Today, my Mother & I had the craziest day of the road trip. Somehow we managed to do Blarney Castle & the Ring of Kerry all in one day. Something that many locals told us we couldn’t accomplish in just one day. Thanks to jet lag, we had no problem waking up at, literally, the crack of dawn. First it was time for my 3rd full Irish breakfast in a row. With a set menu & little buffet of breakfast classics, this way by far the most homey Irish breakfast of them all. I never knew that waffles could be so sweet.

IMG_4494irishbreakfastactons IMG_4502 IMG_4551

  First up for the day was Blarney Castle. I couldn’t visit the Emerald Isle without kissing the Blarney Stone, right?



After trekking through the wooded paths & luscious gardens, we were presented with the charming Blarney Castle. My first thought was, “there’s an elevator right?”. I knew there was not so i had prepared myself for climbing up to the Blarney Stone. I thought that it would be long & tedious but that was not true. It was just plain terrifying. As I’ve grown into being an adult, I’ve realized that heights are not my favorite thing in the world. So as you ascend the ancient staircase, each stair gets a wee bit smaller than the last. Thankfully, my mother didn’t let me succumb to my fear by cheering me on. Once we got to the top, we rewarded by the gorgeous view of the Irish landscape.



When it’s time to kiss the tiny stone, two men that seem to have worked there since the castle was built help guide you to the final destination. Weirdly enough, while bending back to kiss the stone, you don’t even see the ground which is amazing if you are afraid of heights.

securedownloadIMG_4567IMG_4618   IMG_4622


Next on the list for the day was conquering the Ring of Kerry. Most locals thought we were crazy to do drive the entire Ring of Kerry in less than 7 hours but we were up to the challenge. We decided to go counter-clockwise for the trip due to the fact that tour busses usually travel clockwise along the road. While on the road you will see everything from waterfalls, oceanic coastline, rolling hills, quaint little towns, & sheep (my personal favorite).


IMG_4670 IMG_4680 IMG_4685 IMG_4689 IMG_4721


Here is a little list of various landmarks & towns to stop & take in.

  • Torc Watterfall
  • Ross Castle
  • Molls Gap
  • Ladies View
  • Gap of Dunloe

IMG_4736IMG_4772 IMG_4778

  After a 14 hour day of exploring & driving it was time to rest our head at the Randles Hotel & prepare for Day 4 in Galway. Check back to read about discovering Galway & my world map tattoo experience.  



Want to kiss the Blarney Stone. Buy tickets here.


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