Why I Travel


A question I get asked a lot is why. “Why do you travel?” is asked by everyone from friends, family, & everyone in between. After thinking thoroughly about this over the past few months, I’ve discovered why. Most people tend to assume that it’s because you want to escape or because you have piles of money burning a hole in your pocket. Rarely are either of those presumptions right. Most travellers I’ve meant have a deep sense & knowledge of why they explore the world. A lot of factors go into the decision to travel, whether it’s for a day or for a year. Someone who has yet to travel outside of their home don’t quite understand how travelling presents a tailwind of every emotion from fear to freedom.

After self-analyzing why I travel I wanted to find out why others travel. As a travel blogger, I am lucky to be apart of a tight knot community. So, I asked some fellow travel bloggers “Why do you travel?” & here are some of the amazing answers I received.

∴Just Chuckin It!

“There was always something missing, some emptiness that could not be filled by society’s norms — it was a hungry spirit, one that lives inside of all of us, and it was being pulled by the mystery of the world and the prospect of adventure.”


∴Charlie on Travel

“I travel to escape humdrum life, to challenge myself to climb higher, and to see the world differently.”


∴Travels of Adam

“I travel for a number of reasons, but I think the #1 reason is to see people. And that’s not exclusively to see people I already know, but also to see people I don’t know yet. One of my favorite reasons for seeing the world is experiencing new places and meeting new people – locals or even other travelers – is all a part of that experience.”


∴Latitude Thirty Four

“I travel because the thought of laying on my deathbed and still wondering what is out there is simply too scary to think about.”

∴Midlife at the Oasis

I travel to remember we’re all connected.

Elephants on my head in Africa

∴Rearview Mirror

“I travel to get away from the daily routine at home & push myself to have new & challenging experiences.”


Indefinite Adventure

“We travel to eat, to learn new languages, to interact with new people and above all, to begin to understand just a tiny bit better how this incredible and complex world of ours works.”


∴Getting Stamped

“I travel because our time is short, and the world is massive.”


∴And finally, my answer to all of the people who’ve asked the question.

“I travel because i want to prove that we’re not so different from each other after all.”


So, I have one question for you. Why do you travel?


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