12 Best Travel Songs


If you’re like me, music inspires a lot that you do. It either reminds you of moments past or makes you dream of moments you want to have in the future. When it comes to travelling, music can inspire you to take the trip of your dreams. Here’s a list of my twelve favorite travel songs. I hope they inspire you like they’ve inspired me.

1) “Big Jet Plane”, Angus & Julia Stone

2) “Next Year”, Foo Fighters

3) “I’ve Been Everywhere”, Johnny Cash

4) “Paradise”, Coldplay

5) “Heart of Gold”, Neil Young

6) “Gypsy”, Lady Gaga

7) “Ride”, Lana Del Rey

8) “Jet Airliner”, Steve Miller Band

9) “Holiday”, Madonna

10) “Send Me On My Way”, Rusted Root

11) “Free Fallin”, Tom Petty

12) “Hopeless Wanderer”, Mumford & Sons

13) Entire Into the Wild soundtrack, Eddie Vedder

14) “Born to be Wild”, Steppenwolf

15) “Passenger”, Iggy Pop

And there you go! What is your favorite travel inspired song? Are there any songs that remind you of any destinations or trips you have gone on?


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