Travel Films: Top 10 Favorites


Being a complete pop culture junkie, I’ve seen more movies than i can’t remember. Travel themed films have been apart of my go-to classics since I can remember. Here is a list of my top 10 travel films (in no particular order).

1) Into the Wild


First off, lets start with my favorite travel film of all time. Into The Wild. Into the Wild is based on the novel of the same name written by Jon Krakauer based on the North American journey of Christopher McCandless. Because of family turmoil, & a need for self discovery, Christopher abruptly leaves his family behind to start a 2 year journey to Alaska. Into The Wild will inspire you to leave everything behind & discover the world one step at a time.

2) Craigslist Joe


In December of 2011, Joseph Garner left everything & everyone to set out on an adventure. Using only Craigslist to find transportation, accommodation, food, & even clothing at times, Joe discovered that goodwill still exists in the 21st century.

3) EuroTrip


After graduation & breaking up with his girlfriend (and after an impromptu cameo from Matt Damon), Scotty travels to Europe to meet his online love in real life. Scotty’s three best friends join him on a crazy adventure that goes all throughout Europe. Travel movies don’t always have to be so serious right? EuroTrip has been a guilty pleasure ever since i saw it in my early teens.

4) Up in the Air


Talk about what might be the worst corporate job a person can have. Ryan Bingham is a corporate man who travels the United States helping companies downsize (yes, he fires people for a living). While trying to reach ten million frequent flyer miles, Ryan meets a fellow traveling woman & works with a girl who is getting in over her head in the corporate world. Up in the Air will make you evaluate what you find most valuable in your life.

5) Just Like a Woman


A narrative on the relationship between  North America & the Arab world, the film is about two woman who travel cross-country to compete in a bellydance competition. Marilyn loses her job & discovers her husband is cheating, while Monas mother-in-law suspiciously dies. After these tragic occurrences, the women find strength in each other & set out to make their long-awaited dreams come true.

6) Under the Tuscan Sun


What i like to call the original Eat Pray Love, Under the Tuscan Sun takes self-discovery to an extreme. After a surprise divorce & a whirlwind of emotions, Frances decides to venture to Italy where a spur of the moment decision ends up with her fixing up a villa in Tuscany. Through a friend visiting her in Tuscany, falling in & out of love, & repairing her new villa, Frances grows into a stronger woman that she could ever have imagined.

7) Brokedown Palace


While on a trip to Thailand after graduating from high school, best friends Darlene & Alex meet a charismatic Australian man named Nick. After he convinces the girls to take a quick trip to Hong Kong, they get busted for smuggling drugs back into Thailand & sentenced to 30+ years in a Thai prison. Their strength, will to survive, & friendship is tested. Brokedown Palace is the perfect example of what not & how not to act while in a foreign country.

8) Eat, Pray, Love


Based off of the best-selling memoir  by Liz Gilbert, Eat Pray Love is all about self discover through travel. Newly divorced, Liz decides to leave her life for one year & travel the world. Liz  drowns herself in food in Italy, she let’s go of her past in India, & finds her future in Bali.

P.S. I currently have this movie on repeat while I’m writing & researching trips for 2014. (I watched the film twice during the writing of this post).

9) Up



Lets all take a moment to let out a big “awe”. Who that an animated film could be so inspiring… & adorable. Growing more & more bitter after his wife dies, Carl sets out to fulfill a dream of visiting the wilds of South America by attaching balloons to his home with the intention of flying to his destination. Through his journey, Carl makes friends with a talking dog & a nosy well-meaning boy scout.

10) Thelma & Louise




This is a classic…if you haven’t watched it or heard of it log onto Netflix right now & discover just why Thelma & Louise is such a classic film.

What is your favorite travel themed film? I’d love to discover more films that will inspire my need to travel.


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