What to do when your waiting for the trip: Saving money for travel.


       Hmmm. Being a travel blogger while staying at home? During the last 6 months, I’ve been home. Ive been working at a job that i love at LUSH, getting settled into my first apartment, & discovering what i want out of life. My job is different than any other. It allows growth, challenges me in every different way, & allows me to be exactly who i want to be. However, i still have a wanderlust soul. I get antsy. Ever since Australia, I’ve fell in love with traveling. I find it to be frustrating being  stuck in one place. I moved a lot while growing up so I’ve always welcomed the new. So, what do you do when traveling just isn’t an option.

1) Save Money!


– Save every last bit you can. If you like to deal with cash mostly, like myself, start saving specific dollar amounts. First, start to save coins. Next, $1 bills. Once you start to see the savings that $1 bills bring, start saving your $5 bills. You’ll quickly see your money adding up for the next trip.

– Use apps such as Mint to budget your spending. Mint helps breakdown budgets for your entertainment, food, bills, & every other daily expense. Mint can sync up to your bank account so it lets you know how much your spending on things that you may not necessarily need.

2) Plan Your Next Trip.

– Do every bit of research about your next destination. Research flights, cost of food, accommodation, & various activities in the area. The more informed you are about your destination, the better decisions you’ll be able to make when it comes to your finances & the more value you’ll put on your time while traveling.

-Use sites such as SkyScanner, Lonely Planet, & STA Travel to find the best flight prices & local guides for various cities.

3) Sell, Sell, Sell.


– Start selling things that you just don’t need. I have recently started selling on ebay & it has been a fantastic experience. I sold 3 magazines for $56. Not too shabby. Sell memorabilia, furniture, knick knacks, etc. The money can add up quickly. Fingers crossed, you make enough money for a grand adventure. Use Craigslist, Ebay, & Amazon to get rid of all of those un-needed items cluttering your space.

4) Get Inspired!

– Need to light a fire under your dreams? Binge on watching other people travel the world. Watch Youtubers, read blogs, search #travelphotography on Instagram, & binge-watch travel films.

Fun For Louis

Contiki Road Trip

Trip Advisor Inspiration


5) Search Local.

– Do some research about your city, surrounding towns, & state. You’d be surprised what’s right in your backyard. I recently found an amazingly unique place called Shady Dell that is only 3 hours away. Search through RoadTripper & do a simple city search on Google. You’ll be surprised by how many unique & incredible places are surrounding you.

What do you do while waiting for the next adventure? Use the comments to share tips on how to deal with the antsy feeling between trips.


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