Luna Park Sydney


If you ever get the chance to travel to Sydney, Australia, Luna Park should be one attraction that excites you to your core. (Reference the below picture to see just how excited i was.)


Luna Park is the place. When its the day to visit Luna Park for yourself, you’ll feel like a child on Christmas morning. First, you will see the most joyous giant face at the parks main entrance. “The face” has gone through 8 distinct transformations & each “face” gives a different personality to the entrance. But the current “face has to be the most refined, & my favorite of them all.

IMG_1695  IMG_1705  

As you make your way down the midway you’ll feel like your in a small town amusement park. The rides are fantastic, theres food & games galore. But, there is still a relaxing calm essence in the air. Its not too noisy & the lines aren’t long, which is a rarity for theme parks.






Although it is quite, once you get onto the ferris wheel, you’ll feel like your seeing the whole world. The best ride by far, is the ferris wheel. The ride gave me a breathtaking view of The Sydney Opera House & The Harbour Bridge. I was in awe of what i was seeing.


Through out the entire park, you’ll remember what it’s like to be a little kid. Enjoy the colors, scenery, rides, & food. Luna Park Sydney is the perfect place to say goodbye to any looming problems, escape to a land of make believe, & enjoy some thrills while you’re at it.




Thank you to Luna Park for providing me with an awesome time at the amusement park.

P.S. I still have a token of my visit hanging up in my kitchen.



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