Foodie Travel: Cesenatico & Rome


Welcome to a new section on SomedayTraveller, Foodie Travel. The first edition is all about Italy. When in Cesenatico & Rome i tried food that had always made me…well… queasy. I am now in an intimate relationship with gelato, sardines, & espresso.


The first food I tried when I arrived in Italy was at the train station in Bologna. They had vending machines that had everything from soda to candy to sandwiches. Unfortunately, I knew little to no Italian when I arrived in Italy. From the picture on the sandwich, I assumed it had some sort of ham & egg on it. There was no ham, & 2 thin slices of egg. I guess thats what you get when you only pay 1 euro at a train station vending machine.


After 26 hours of traveling from Phoenix, AZ to Cesenatico, Italy, I had a mission to find pizza the perfect Italian Pizza & I found it at Mazzarini 59. In Italy they don’t serve you one slice of pizza. When you order, you get an entire pizza. Italian pizza is nothing like American pizza. There is nothing greasy or yeasty. The crust is perfect in every way. Ever since having authentic Italian pizza, I’m still not able to fully enjoy Pizza Hut.


The hotel, Hotel Esplanade, I was staying at had a gorgeous buffet with many options. On my first night in Cesenatico, i was able to enjoy authentic Italian food. The vegetable dishes were probably the most difficult to get used to but every other entree was delicious.


Since Cesenatico is a fishing community, there were many seafood options. Sardines were formally a “don’t come near me” option but ever since this beautiful dinner, I’m forever changed. The sardines weren’t overly salty of fishy. They were soft & full of flavor.


Gelato….. thats it. Thats all it needs. Most yummiest dessert ever.


On my first night in rome, i decided to try Rome’s version of “American” food. Roadhouse Grill is located in the Roma Termini (The Rome Terminal). I thought it was quite funny that not only did they offer you peanuts when you sat down, but also chips & salsa. At least they tried.


Again, GELATO!!!!


All photos are my own. Do not use without permission.


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