Capture the Colour


Its that time of year. Time for Travel Markets second annual Capture the Colour photo contest. The wonderful Miranda from Endlessly Changing Verizon nominated me! This will be the first photography contest that i will be entering. Ever since i started traveling 2 years ago, photography was always a very important aspect to me. Every photo that i’ve entered was taken on my iPhone & edited with free apps. My work shows that you don’t need alot of money to capture a great moment.

Here are my entries:



Cesenatico, Italy is a beautiful fishing town on the Adriatic Coast. After a couple of rainy days, my last day in Cesenatico was sunny & absolutely beautiful. I was able to see the boats in all their glory. Their sails were cast & i was able to get some beautiful photos.


ImageAfter Cesenatico, i headed to Rome. After getting checked into a hostel i headed down to The Colosseum. Outside of the Colosseum was a group of three horse & carriages. The horses looked strong & large but i loved how delicate this horse looked in the photo. The Arch of Constantine gave an added strength to the photo. Post about visiting The Colosseum is here.



In Italy, Sardines are a common food offered. I always imagined them as the Americanized canned version… Something i had no want or need to try. But when in Rome right. (See what i did there. Have to try & be witty). These little guys were delicious & i couldn’t help but try & take a picture that epitomized their deliciousness.



Remember how i was telling you about the glooming weather in Cesenatico. This photo sums it up. I personally love rainy, overcast weather. But when you are in a town that is lined with a beach, you kind of want the sky to be filled with sun. There was such a beauty in my surroundings though. The mix of the sky & the colorful architecture added a great contrast to the scenery.



Sydney marked the end of my road trip through Australia last summer. After dropping off the campervan to Travellers-Autobarn, i found my hostel in Sydney. The view from the roof at the YHA is gorgeous. You get a view of the Sydney Opera House as well as the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I couldn’t help but be astounded by the mix of scenery.

Thanks to Miranda for nominating me. Now it’s time for my nominations. I have to pay an ode to my favorite solo-female travel bloggers.

Adventurous Kate

Solo Female Nomad

Anywhere But Home

Dream Travel Magazine

Alex in Wanderland

What is your favorite photo out of my submissions?


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