Finding Colosseo


Seeing the Colosseum has to be one of the most magnificent & memorable travel experiences I’ve had. When your travelling alone & without the convenience of your iPhone map, you tend to wing it with directions & hope for the best. When i first arrived in Rome i knew i was only going to be there for about 30 hours. I had to make the most of my time.

Unknowingly i had booked a hostel that happened to be located right across the street from Roma Termini/ Rome Terminal. You will appreciate those lucky moments when you have them. With a quick look at the metro map & a thought that id most likely get lost, i hopped onto the subway towards Laurentina. Not even 5 minutes later i got off at the “Colosseo” exit. While preparing for the search for The Colosseum, i emerged from the metro station & had my most memorable moment in Rome.


I saw the Colosseum immediately. The metro station is literally right across the street from the entrance. I had to take a moment to sit down & just enjoy the moment. While enjoying this once in a lifetime moment, i called my mother & immediately said “Holy shit, guess what im looking at?”.

This moment shows that you must trust yourself when finding your way around a new city. It may take you hours to find your end point or you may find it on a whim. Always trust your instincts & always enjoy the search.


Right next to the Colosseum is the Arch of Constantine. The Arch was made October 28, 313 to commemorate Constantines victory of Maxentius at the battle of Milvian Bridge. There are beautiful scripts & artwork on the Arch. I believe that somehow the work explains somewhat a story behind why the Arch was erected.



There was a group of about 3 horse & carriages outside of the Colosseum. They were absolutely beautiful. Strong & statuesque. A great reflection of these monuments.


Right across the street & next to the metro entrance is a large flight of stairs that leads up to a street which i cannot remember the name of. There is also a sidewalk that gives you an astonishing panoramic view of the Colosseum & all that surrounds it. If you turn left, you will see a little cafe called Domus Sri. It may be touristy but its sweet, quiet, & serves delicious espresso. While in Italy, i definitely experienced all that espresso has to offer.


Domus Sri was a great place to stop & have a rest. I knew that the sun was going down but when your in front of something that you can’t fathom your seeing, your very resistant to leave. But i had to leave to head to Pompei by train the next morning at 5 am. To find out more about visiting the Colosseum go to Lonely Planet. They are a great resource for travellers.


All photos are my own. Do not use without permission.


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