Drive on…


So it was “T” day. By “T” Day i mean Travellers Autobarn camper-van pick up day!!! It was time to head of to Travellers Autobarn. I was so excited to pick up the camper-van & explore the beautiful country that i was in. We were about to be able to roam Australia freely and there was something so exhilarating about that. That morning we woke up bright & early.


Exploring Cairns for some breakfast, we stumbled upon The Gingerbread House Cafe & Bakery. It was an adorable little cafe right around the corner from Global Backpackers. First i ordered a beautifully delicious cappuccino because I knew i needed some caffeine for the day ahead. Then I decided to go for something utterly classic for Australia.

campervan5 Campervan4

After a yummy breakfast we headed over to Travellers Autobarn. Thankfully it was an easy walk away. The walk was a great chance to explore Cairns just a bit more. Cairns is such a gorgeous area of Queensland. The tropical rolling hills were something that you can’t even process. You can’t possibly imagine that a sight that breathtaking exists.


While navigating our way to Travellers we turned the corner & saw the big sign. When we saw our deluxe camper-van  i couldn’t believe how roomy it was. In the front were 2 big cozy seats. I knew driving on the left side of the road would take some getting used to but thankfully i was traveling with someone that didn’t mind taking on the driver role.


The back of the camper-van was a bedroom on wheels. It included dining table and 2 “benches” that turned into a bed. There was also a sink (i became very familiar with it after losing a bet & having to wash dishes for a week), a refrigerator, microwave, cabinets/drawers for storage, & another bed up top that turned out to be a convenient place to store clothes and bags. The camper-van came with dishes, towels, cutlery, & everything else you could possibly need for a 3 & a half week road trip.


We were about to explore Australia. I knew it was going to be hectic, beautiful, astonishing, tough, memorable, and most of all a dream come true.


Next you’ll learn a bit about banana packing and how to use goon to cook amazing food in a camper-van.

Thank you so much to Travellers Autobarn for making this trip possible.


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