After landing in Cairns and after spending 14 hours travelling, I explored a bit and then headed to the shuttle to Global Backpackers. While exploring i saw something interesting. I was tempted to buy some kangaroo or crocodile jerky but did not give into my curiosity  I also saw my first TimTam… something i would consume many of throughout my trip.


I hopped onto a shuttle and had my first experience with a true Aussie. He was kind and gave me plenty of tips on traveling throughout Australia. About 15 minutes later i arrived at Global Backpackers and met up with my friend who i was going to accompany me on the road.


I was so impressed by Global Backpackers. They put my into a private room, which i didn’t get to take full advantage of since the rest of the hostel was so amazing. But the room was amazing for winding down and getting some much needed rest before scuba diving. The time change actually helped me since i had to get up early the next morning so i naturally woke up early.
The rest of the hostel was full of culture and other travels. I was surprised that we were the only 2 Americans, that i could find, in the hostel. I loved that part because i found it so interesting to meet people from other walks of life. A few other travellers were also celebrating the Queen of England’s birthday but according to them we could not participate since we were American. It was still fun to see there Queen masks though.
After exploring Global Backpackers we headed to eat our free meal, every person staying at Global Backpackers gets one free meal at PJ Obrien’s. I had my first run into Schnitzel. Through my research i had learned that many Australian restaurants have Schnitzel on the menu, which i was quite excited about. The ambiance of PJ Obrien’s was nice. Casual and fun.
After a yummy free meal and a beer. Exploring Cairns began. There were various quirky little shops on and around Shields St. Got to see a fair share of raunchy items in a little costume shop that i wish i could remember the name up.
To wind down, Global Backpackers had an amazing patio where you could drink goon and meet fellow travellers. Jet lag kicked in pretty quickly and i was off to bed.
Coming up… Scuba diving with Passions of Paradise.
Stay sponsored by Global Backpackers Cairns.

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