Dive into Paradise


After a cozy jet lagged filled nights sleep at Global Backpackers it was time to go scuba diving & snorkeling with Passions of Paradise. It was amazing to think that i would be scuba diving (for the first time) in the Great Barrier Reef on my first morning in Australia. I was nervous, excited, thrilled, terrified…everything. We headed to the Passions of Paradise office on the Reef Flat Terminal to pick up our passes & hop on the boat.


Passions of Paradise is a great company located on the heart of the Cairns Pier. You get to ride on a beautiful catamaran for a large portion of the day, explore Paradise Reef & Michealmas Cay, feast on a delicious tropical lunch buffet, & snorkel the gorgeous waters of the reef. You can also add-on a scuba dive, even if you don’t have any experience like myself. Passions of Paradise gives you an amazing opportunity to explore a part of the ocean that most people only dream about seeing.



Once we got our tickets it was time to break away from shore & head on out into the ocean. First, we got lessons on how to scuba dive properly and was told about which aquatic wildlife we might see while scuba diving.


Next, it was time to dive in… no pun intended.


Once I got into the water I had to grab onto a rope attached to the boat. I must admit i had a moment of being terrified. For a second I thought, I can’t do this. Breathing with a scuba tank feels very heavy so i panicked. Then I thought, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have to do it. That’s when I felt calm and thrilled for what was to come. I then let go of the rope and locked onto my instructor, Russell. He was an amazing, and may I say, ruggedly handsome instructor. Once we were near the ocean floor and the reef I saw many beautiful creatures. A large sea turtle, sea cucumber, clown fish, many more, and even a reef shark. It was a very surreal moment.

12  1314 15 16 1817 26Once back on the boat it was lunch time. Passions of Paradise and a delicious spread of various tropical food. It was the perfect meal to boost my energy after being in the water for 45 minutes.

   4 6  7 9

After chilling out on the catamaran for a bit it was time to snorkel. It was nice to have a bit of relaxing time in the ocean. I took my waterproof camera and explored the Great Barrier Reef.

23 scuba


After a full day visiting the Great Barrier Reef it was time to head back to Cairns. I’m so grateful to Passions of Paradise. They were incredible hosts and they really do make travel dreams come true. Visit them at www.passions.com.au to book a trip with them. Visiting the Great Barrier Reef should be a must on everyone’s travel bucket list.

20   29 

Sponsored by Passions of Paradise.


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